How to optimize your kid's suitcase to travel

Image How to optimize your kid's suitcase to travel

Travel smart, travel light. Easier said than done, parents traveling with kids can say. It is not obvious but even during vacation, kids are hard to please and demand their favorite stuff to come with them. It is quite difficult and we should find practical ideas to travel lighter.

How could that be possible?

Moms always have the same problem when traveling with their kids: packing. It is not always a fun moment to pack a suitcase with the children's stuff. Here are some tips that can help you organize the kids' suitcase:

  • Take only necessary clothes: it is the first smart idea. Don't take the “in case” It's not possible for kids because you have to pack all of their stuff, they're unpredictable
  • Have a suitcase for all your children. You may think it is not possible but when you think it is, then it is. It is more convenient to travel lighter.
  • Have cubes with each kid color: you can pack what each child needs in a cube with different colors.
  • Pack in vertical when you put them in the suitcase. That's the color code's role.
  • If you don't really feel like using the cubes, you can roll the clothes. Inside the rolled clothes, you can put some little things like a belt, socks.
  • Don't take all your children's belongings, just a little packing entertainment: little toys, some books if they like to read and their teddy bears.
  • Separate toiletries from clothes suitcase because you don't know the time you'll need them.

And after?

Even during the package time, kids are there glancing at you, fascinated by your speed. Some optimization is also based on what your kids want to put in their suitcase, even if you just want to take the essential stuff. Let them help you, in organizing, in discussing about the advantages of traveling with light suitcase.

Packing with your kids can become entertaining and with this practice, you give them responsibilities to take care of their stuff. It can also help them to remember their clothes and while traveling, they can have personal disciplines for their clothes.

Preparing travel with kids is not easy especially if you have to deal with fussy kids: those who moan after the way you are packing their stuff, whining for nothing. Don't worry, it happens to all parents.

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