Are you allowed a hand luggage for your kid ?

Hand luggage and kid
Image Are you allowed a hand luggage for your kid ?

Traveling light with kids is not an easy thing to do. If you have a child traveling with you, you have to make sure that the kid has enough changes of clothes and diapers during the flight, and especially food.

Parents are allowed to pack a few items in their hand luggage for their kid. These include a limited quantity of food and snacks, and some spare clothes, a few toys and a book.

The main issue, however, is about bringing food on board, because according to the Transportation Security Administration or TSA, strict airline regulations apply as regards bringing food for the airline safety. However, if you travel with a kid, it is mandatory to bring baby food. But what kinds of food are allowed on board? The online agency eDreams has answers for you.

Banned items on the flight

  •  Passengers are not allowed to bring any liquid food items on board. These include milk, fruit juice, water, or fizzy drinks. Liquid canned food items might be also checked out from your hand luggage. Therefore, avoid bringing liquid food items in your hand luggage or in your suitcase. In fact, liquid food items may explode during the flight and may become suspicious to the TSA. 
  • Any creamed dishes are banned from the aircraft. Creamed dishes include ice cream, cream cheese, soft cheese, creamy baby food items, and the like. Any creamy food item is to be checked out of your luggage right away. 
  • Gel-like food items are not allowed into the passengers' cabins. 
  • Similarly, baby lotion, baby creams, baby hair gel, shampoo, suntan lotion, toothpaste are banned from the passenger cabins. Those items will be immediately discarded from the passengers' carry-on-luggage.

The TSA permits the following items for your kids:

  •  Baby formula (food and milk) is permitted on board after an inspection at the checkpoint has been made. In fact, British Airways and U.S. Airlines have different regulations concerning baby formula. If you fly on British Airways TSA will ask you to taste the baby food or milk at airport checkpoints. However, officials from U.S. Airlines check the content of the baby food container carefully. 
  • Solid food, which does not have a gel-like consistency is permitted on board. However, you must inform the officials before taking these in your flight. 
  • Milk powder is allowed. The airline company provides water during the flight. 
  • Any prescription medication which is under the kid's name. 
  • Diapers, diaper disposal bag and spare clothes for you kid are allowed by the TSA. 
  • Other essential items such as baby wipes, cream, and other gel-like items are not permitted into the passenger cabin. 
  • Pack your kid's favorite toy into your luggage. Your kid will feel more comfortable during the flight if they play their favorite toy. 
  • Do not forget your kid's book. Kids do not know much about watching movies or listening to music during their flight. By reading their favorite book, your kid will enjoy the flight more.

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