We are heading off to Queensland again soon and the apartment we are staying at looks very kid friendly, however, they charge an $10 extra per night to provide a portacot, which we will need for our toddler. We are staying for 7 nights, and call me a cheapskate, but there are other things I would rather spend $70 on. I also considered taking our current portacot on the trip, but the thought of hauling our big, heavy portacot through the airport, in addition to our suitcases, carseats and pram was not appealing either. After doing some research online to find a better solution to our baby bedding problem, eventually I came across the Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot, and I knew I had to have it!

The good news for YOU is, I loved this product so much that I got an extra Traveller portacot to give away to one of our fans! So check our my Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot Review below, then head on over to the Happy Travel with Kids Facebook page to enter the giveaway.

Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot Review

First ImpressionsPhil & Teds Traveller Portacot 3

As was the case with my last product review of the Quick Sit Folding Highchair, I also had the Traveller portacots delivered to my office in the city, and I tested out how portable they were by walking across the CBD, and taking public transport home with the Traveller slung across my back. The cot comes in a handy carry bag with a shoulder strap and at 3.2kgs, the Traveller is as light as a feather compared to our old portacot. In fact, the Traveller’s tagline is “the only full size cot that’s lighter than the baby” – the tagline alone had me sold!

The first thing I did before unpacking the cot from the carry bag was to see if it would fit inside my suitcase, and as you can see from the photo below, it fit quite nicely. I’m somewhat OCD about planning how we will get through the airport with all of our luggage + two kids without anything, or anyone, getting lost. Being able to put the portacot inside a suitcase instead of it being an extra piece of luggage seems like it would make things a little be easier. Alternatively, the Traveller fits on top of the suitcase with the shoulder strap slung around the suitcase handle, which would be an easy way to roll it through the airport.

Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot 1Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot 2

Setting up

Because the Traveller packs down so small, there is a bit more involved in setting it up than a traditional portacot, but in my opinion it is totally worth it. The first time I set up the Traveller it took me about 10 minutes. There are easy to follow step-by-step instructions that come in the user manual with the Traveller, and there is also an instructional video on the Phil & Teds website if you need some extra help. There was only one step that I found a bit tricky; there are four little tabs that need to be connected to secure the mattress to the base of the cot, and it took me a while to get those connected properly. Other than that, setting up the Traveller was quite simple.

Features of the Traveller

Once I had the Traveller set up, the first thing that I was struck by was it’s size. I was expecting the Traveller to be a lot smaller than a regular portacot, but the length of the traveller is about the same as our old portacot. The width is smaller, but really it’s the length of the cot that will determine how long your child will be able to sleep in it before they outgrow it. The added benefit of the smaller width is that it makes it easy to move the cot from room to room (our old portacot had to be disassembled to get it through doorways). The light weight and small width meant I didn’t have any problems moving the cot from the living room where I initially set it up, into my daughter’s bedroom.

Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot 4

Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot 5

Another feature that I liked was that one of the side panels zips open, which would be great if you need to pat or breastfeed your baby to sleep, and it will also make the cot seem more like a ‘big kids bed’ for older toddlers. I was also impressed by the mattress, which I didn’t realise would be self inflating – you just loosen the nozzle and starts inflating by itself. Another bonus that I wasn’t expecting was that the Traveller comes with a sheet that fits over the mattress, so there’s no need to worry about finding a sheet to fit the unusual dimensions of the mattress.

The sleep test

It’s all well an good talking about how great I think the Traveller is, but the real test is…what does the baby think of it? Both kids had a ball playing in the Traveller when I first set it up, but the first time I put my two year old down for a nap in it, she wasn’t so keen. I think it was more a case of being in unfamiliar surroundings more than anything else. The second time I put her down in the Traveller, offered her favourite toy and blanket and that did the trick. Our daughter has since slept in the Traveller 5 times – 3 naps and twice through the night and she’s quite at home in her new portacot now.

I had read another review of the Traveller where the owner was concerned about the mattress bulging up in the centre, but after putting my daughter down in the cot, I can see that this was likely a deliberate element of the design. When the child lays on the mattress it flattens out, but is slightly suspended off the floor around the sides, which my daughter seemed to be quite comfortable with.

Packing up

Packing up the Traveller back into it’s carry bag was for the most part just as easy as setting it up. After watching the instruction video, I learned that there is a two-step technique for getting as much air as possible out of the mattress so that it rolls up really tight, so if you purchase the Traveller, you’ll definitely benefit from watching the instruction video.

The verdict

Simply put, I LOVE the Traveller, and so do our kids. I think this portacot is definitely worth the investment, especially considering your child will get around 3 years use out of it. Our kids are small for their age, so it might even last longer than the 3 year old mark for us. Thankfully the days of lugging a regular sized portacot around on our holidays are long gone. I just wish I found the Traveller years ago!

Where to buy

You can buy the Traveller portacot online or find a local retailer at the Phil & Teds website

I hope you found my Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot Review useful! If you have any questions about the Traveller, I’m happy to answer, so please leave your question below. And remember to head over to our Facebook page to enter the GIVEAWAY for your chance to win a Phil & Teds Traveller Portacot for yourself!

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